The castle


The primitive Château d'Auteuil, destroyed at the end of the 16th century, was abandoned by its owner in favor of another neighboring castle, more modest, but rehabilitated and fortified at the end of the 16th century and probably finished in the 17th century, located on the territory of Berneuil-en-Bray and called Château d'Auteuil. Of this new castle, there remains the imposing platform (with its old flint apparatus and brick chaining) surrounded by moats, as well as traces of the foundations of the old destroyed castle. The Château d'Auteuil was rebuilt "almost entirely" in 1858, almost identically and on the old bases of the primitive building.

It takes up the classic apparatus of 17th century castles in brick and stone.

In 2003, Pol and Sabine de La Pintière acquired this Château in the Oise as a family and undertook major work to restore it to its former aspect.
Since then, 70% of the 50 rooms have been restored respecting history and adding to it the comfort of today and the castle becomes more beautiful every day.
Our family home welcomes in a warm atmosphere weekends with friends or family, romantic stays or business seminars.



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